d. For chusing Ditches for their Magick rights, Ovid Metam. lib. 7. 〈…〉 procul egesta scrobibus ellure duk••〈◊〉 facit. For scraping holes with their 〈…〉lib. 1. Satyr 8. concerning Ca•••lia, and Sagna scalpere terram 〈◊〉 And it is used by our modern Witche, as you shall find in Malles Malle•••arum, Bodin, Remigius, Delrio, &c. Il. lib. 3. 〈◊〉 Mgicarum, Sect. 4. de sgitarii 〈◊〉 is et imaginum fabicaorum Malefics tells man, st••ies of their using

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