b. The Spindle or Wheel is used in thes conjurations. Mrtial makes it used for troubling the Moon, lib. 9. Ep. 3. Quae nunc Thessalico 〈◊〉 did cererhom 〈◊〉 lib. 2. Ep. 67. Cum secta Choco Luna Vapulat rhombo, Lucan who of all the Poets writes with thost admirable height about Witchcraft in his sixt Book, makes the Wheel or Spindle to be used in •••ve matters, Traxerunt torti Magica vrtigine sili, as does, Ovid lib. 1. Eleg. 8. Seene quid grames 〈…〉 licia, &c. And so Propertius, lib. 3. Staminea rhombi dciturota. And lib. 2. Dficiunt Magico torti sub crmine rhombi.

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