The Lancashire-witches and Tegue O Divelly, the Irish-priest a comedy acted at the Duke's Theater
Shadwell, Thomas, 1642?-1692.
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  • Sir Edward Hartfrt. A worthy Hospitable true English Gentleman, of good un∣derstanding, and honest Principles.
  • Young Harfrt his Son. A Clownish, sordid, Country Fool, that loves nothing but drinking Ale, and Country Sports.
  • Sir Ieffery Shacklehead. A simple Justice, pretending to great Skill in Witches, and a great Persecuter of them.
  • Sir Timothy Shacklehead. Sir Ieffery's Son, a very pert, confident, simple Fellow, bred at Oxford, and the Inns of Court.
  • Tom. Shacklehead. Sir Ieffery's poor Younger Brother, an humble Companion, and led: drinker in the Country.
  • Smerk. Chaplain to Sir Edward, Foolish, Knavish, Popish, Arrogant, Insolent; yet for his Interest, Slavish.
  • Tegue O Divelly. The Irish-Priest, an equal mixture of Fool and Knave.
  • Bellfort. Doubty. Two Yorkshire Gentlemen of good Estates, well bred, and of good Sense.
  • La. Shacklehead. Wife to Sir Ieffery, a notable discreet Lady, something in∣clined to Wantonness.
  • Theodosia. Daughter to Sir Ieffery, and Lady. Women of good Humour, Wit, and Beauty.
  • Isabella. Daughter to Sir Edward Hartfort.
  • Susan. House-Keeper to Sir Edward.
  • Clod. A Country Fellow, a retainer to Sir Edwards Family.
  • Thomas o Georges. Another Country Fellow.
  • Constable.
  • The Devil
  • Mother Demdike.
  • Mother Dickenson.
  • Mother Hargrave.
  • Mal. Spencer.
  • Madge, and several other
  • Old Woman that Searches them▪
  • Servants, Dancers Musicians, Messenger, &c.
The Scene in Lancashire, near Pendle-Hills.