The Lancashire-witches and Tegue O Divelly, the Irish-priest a comedy acted at the Duke's Theater
Shadwell, Thomas, 1642?-1692.
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OUR Poet once resolv'd to quit the stage,
But seeing what slight Plays still please th' Age
He is drawn in: And thinks to pass with ease,
He cannot write so ill s some that please.
Our Author says he has no need to fear,
The common Eyes all paintings please like,
Instruction is an honest Poets aim,
And not a large or wide, but a goo〈◊〉
But he has found long since this would not do,
And therefore thought to have deserted you:
But Poets and Young Girls by no mishaps
Are warn'd, those damming fright not, nor these 〈◊〉
Their former Itch will spite of all perswade,
And both will fall again to their old trade:
Our Poet says that some resolve in spite
To damn, th' good, what ever he shall write.
He fears not such as right or wrong oppose,
He swears, in sence, his friends out weigh such fos.
He cares not much whether he sink or 〈◊〉,
He will not suffer, but we shall for him.
We then 〈…〉
Your charity for this Crippled peice we pray
We are only losers if you damn the play