The Lancashire-witches and Tegue O Divelly, the Irish-priest a comedy acted at the Duke's Theater
Shadwell, Thomas, 1642?-1692.
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BOOKS of Poetry and Plays Printed for Iohn Starkey.

THE Works of Sir William Davenant Kt. containing, 1. Gondibert. 2. Madagascar. 3. Siege of Rhodes both parts. 4. Playhouse to be lett. 5. Vnfortunate Lovers. 6. The Witts. 7. Love and Honour. 8. Law against Lovers. 9. Man's the Master. 10. Platonick Lovers. 11. Albovine King of Lumbardy. 12. Iust Italian. 13. Cruel Brother. 14. News from Plymouth. 15. Distresses. 16. Siege. 17. Fair Favourite. With several other Poems never before Printed; all published out of the Authors Original Copies, and Printed together in Folio.

Andronicus Comnenius, a Tragedy, by Iohn Wilson, in 4 to.

Heraclius Emperor of the East, a Tragedy, by Lodowick Carlel Esq in 4 to.

The Shepherds Paradise, a Pastoral, by Water Montague, Esq in 8 to.

Aminta, the Famous Italian Pastoral, Translated into English, in 8 to.

Paradise Regain'd, a Poem in four Books, to which is added Sampso Agonistes, the Author Iohn Milton, in 8 to.