The Lancashire-witches and Tegue O Divelly, the Irish-priest a comedy acted at the Duke's Theater
Shadwell, Thomas, 1642?-1692.


IN the Notes upon the 1st Act, for fabicatorum r. fabricatorum. In the Notes upon the 2d Act▪ r. solent ad conven••m, after Daemonem expunge the Colon, after hir cum horridum, r. &c. for Ecrates r. Eucrates. for Matu praeceptus, Matri praereptus. for furgentio r. turgentia, instead of veto quod no∣mine, r. vero. for devocat, r. devorat. for cansat, cantat line penult. alta hic salta illic. The rest of the faults in the Printing, the connexion and the sence will make you mend.