A survey of the spirituall antichrist opening the secrets of familisme and antinomianisme in the antichristian doctrine of John Saltmarsh and Will. Del, the present preachers of the army now in England, and of Robert Town, by Samuel Rutherfurd ...
Rutherford, Samuel, 1600?-1661.

CHAP. LX. How sinnes are remitted before they bee committed, how not, and the Antinomian error in this point.

BUt then it may bee said, doe Antinomians soundly affirme that sins are remitted before they be committed? To which I answer, taking remission in a good sense, not in theirs; its true, a beleever when he is justified, is freed from condemna∣tion for these sinnes that are not yet committed: that is, he is put in such a condition, as he shall never come to condemna∣tion; yea, not for these sinnes hee shall hereafter commit: as when a forfeited Father is relaxed from treason, and his lands re∣stored, the Pardon extendeth to the heire in the mothers womb, and not yet borne, yea, possibly not begotten; but this is neither a justifying of the unborne heire, nor a pardoning of the treason, nor a relaxing of the punishment, in a strict and right downe sense; he that is not, and is not capable of guiltinesse and treason, such as is a child, neither begotten, nor borne, is not capable of pardon. But in the Antinomian sense, we judge it abominable, that sinnes are removed, before they bee com∣mitted. 1. Because Antinomian remission is the destructi∣on of the being of sinne, and the extirpation of his nature, root, and branch: for so it cannot be sinne, nor can it be against the Page  107 Law of God, nothing is capable of the grace of free pardon, neither the sinne, or the poore sinner; but by the Antinomian way, the Adulteries, and Murthers of the beleevers, when committed, are neither against Law, nor the Commandement of God, for they are freed from all commanding and obliging power, of either Law or Gospel; so as they cannot sinne or offend God, in contravening of either. 2. It is against com∣mon sense, that the being or nature of Adultery, can bee remo∣ved, and made nothing, and yet when it is committed, it should offend humane society, and raise an evill report on the name of God and the Gospel. For that which is meere nothing, and hath neither being, nor nature, can neither offend God nor man. But neither Law of God, nor Gospel, doth forbid the Murthers of a beleever, but onely of an unbeleever, by the Antinomian way. 3. Their remission of sinne, before the commission thereof, chargeth confession of committed sinnes with sinnefull lying, craving of pardon with unbeliefe, fearing of sinne with distrust; sorrow for, or feeling of sinne with a worke of Legall bondage, and of the old Adam, as Libertines did, because these committed sinnes are meere fancies against no Law of God.