A survey of the spirituall antichrist opening the secrets of familisme and antinomianisme in the antichristian doctrine of John Saltmarsh and Will. Del, the present preachers of the army now in England, and of Robert Town, by Samuel Rutherfurd ...
Rutherford, Samuel, 1600?-1661.

CHAP. XXXI. God punisheth sinne in beleevers.

SO doth the Lord inflict temporary punishments, and spiri∣tuall, on unbeleevers, though David for his Adultery, felt not the stroak of revenging justice; yet sure it was Evange∣like justice; that he who tooke another mans wife secretly, that lay in his bosome, and killed the innocent husband with the sword of strangers, that another should take his wives openly, and lye with them before the Sunne, and that the sword in his owne house should persue him; and the one brother kill the other: and it was just, that Peter who proudly trusted in his own strength, should fall on his own weight, and deny the Lord. And these that eat unworthyly, should eat judgement; and for athis cause many among the Corinthians were weake, many sickely, many dead. Zachary was stricken with dumb∣nesse because hee beleeved not the Angels word, Luke 1. 2. The Covenant in which perseverance is promised, threat∣ning the rod of men to beleevers that transgresse the Lords Law, b prove the same. 3. God was angry, and in a mercifull anger, punished cMoses,dAaron,eSalomon,fJehoshaphat,Page  33 Nor is it of weight, that God smote men to death in the Old Te∣stament for light sinnes, but its not so in the New; he is not so severe now. But is not our God (even in the New Testa∣ment) a consuming fire? Were there ever more Hell-like vengeance that fell on any then on Jerusalem; so as Christ said, barren wombs should bee blessed, and they should cry, hills fall on us, and cover us. 2. Did beleevers in the Old Testament make satisfaction to revenging justice for their sins that Christ did beare? 3. Were there any halfe satisfacti∣ons made by men to infinite justice? 4. Were they their owne redeemers from Hell?