A survey of the spirituall antichrist opening the secrets of familisme and antinomianisme in the antichristian doctrine of John Saltmarsh and Will. Del, the present preachers of the army now in England, and of Robert Town, by Samuel Rutherfurd ...
Rutherford, Samuel, 1600?-1661.
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CHAP. XXX. The justified countable to God for sinne.

ANtinomians hold that the justified are not countable to a God for sinne. Its true, they are not thus farre to bee countable for sinne, that they must suffer eternall wrath and answer the Law-suit and plea of sinne-revenging iustice, which Christ answered; but they are so countable for their sinnes, as if they receive five talents, they sinne, if they gaine not tenne. 2. They are to feare sinne, before it be committed, as being under the Law, and to looke for the rod of men, and tem∣porary corrections after it. 3. Nor can Antinomians deny but temporall punishments, as well as eternall are threatned in the law.