A survey of the spirituall antichrist opening the secrets of familisme and antinomianisme in the antichristian doctrine of John Saltmarsh and Will. Del, the present preachers of the army now in England, and of Robert Town, by Samuel Rutherfurd ...
Rutherford, Samuel, 1600?-1661.

CHAP. XXI. We mixe not workes and grace in the matter of Justification.

WEe utterly deny that Antinomians can make good their charge, that we mixe works and the Law in mat∣ter of justification, with faith, and the free grace of God.

1. Works done by grace smell of the mired fountaine they spring from, they are polluted with sinne; now Paul Rom. 3. saith, All Jewes and Gentiles have sinned, none doth good. Psal. 14. Psal. 53. Void of sinne, therefore by the Law can no flesh be justified; and so the righteousnesse by which we stand before God must be free of sinne, and free of a breach deser∣ving a curse, which must fall on us, if we continue not in all the Law in the most gracious works we can doe, a yea, if not in all that the Law requires to the least jot or tittle; we are not justified now with such a Gospel-inherent righteousnesse as no man hath.

2. Christ must be a Saviour by halfes and quarters, if we divide the righteousnesse of our Saviour betweene faith or works, between Christ and our merits. Free grace is a jealous thing, and admitteth of neither compartner, corrivall, or fellow with Christ. Paul will have his owne righteousnesse in the plea, but dung.

3. It quite brangleth the peace of God that issueth from justification, that it is a peace that free will createth to my selfe from my owne works, and not a peace dipt in satisfactory bloud.

4. It taketh much glory from Christ, that we weare a garment foreternitie of our spinning, better the wedding garment bee begged, and all its threeds be of free grace, and that full glory be given to the Lambeb.

Page  245. Law and Gospel, Grace and Law-payment must be con∣founded.

6. Christ must die in vaine.