The pastoral office opened in a visitation-sermon preached at Ipsvvich October 10, 1662.
Reynolds, Edward, 1599-1676.
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To the Right Worshipfull the Magi∣strates, and to the Reverend Mini∣sters, and other Members of the Cor∣poration of Ipswich in Suffolk.

Dearly Beloved,

THough I could not with any decency decline the Publication of this Sermon, which had been by you so earnestly desired, then, when the greatnesse of your Love and respects to my Person, and function, did for many dayes ex∣presse it self in a most free and noble Reception: yet it pleased Divine providence, by a sore visitation on my Family, to obstruct the performance Page  [unnumbered] of this Service, so long, till I might justly have hoped to have been no more minded of it. But being disappointed in that hope, I now, though late, send it forth, without altering any one Line or period of what I then delivered. And although it be but a very Slen∣der Return for the great favours I re∣ceived from you alone, yet I must crave your leave to professe, That as a Ring, though placed only on a finger is yet a token of Love to the whole per∣son; so this little Sermon, though de∣dicated only to you, is intended as a Testimony of that Honour & Thanks which I owe to all Orders in this great Diocese, for those signal and publick favours, which, in mine attendance on the service thereof, I every where received. All the Answer I can Page  [unnumbered] make to so great an Obligation, is dai∣ly to pray, That the Church of Christ in this large Diocese, may be beautifi∣ed with the blessings of Truth and Peace, of Vnity and Holinesse; That the Clergy thereof may with all fide∣lity deliver the Word of Gods grace, and that it may by his effectual opera∣tion, have a free and successfull pas∣sage into the hearts and lives of the people committed to their Charge. And as this is the Continual Prayer, so I hope, that through the Assistance of Divine Grace, it shall be the unwea∣ried Endeavour of him who desires to approve himself

An unfeigned Servant of your Faith, and Salvation, ED. NORVIC.