The visions of dom Francisco de Quevedo Villegas, knight of the Order of St. James made English by R.L.
Quevedo, Francisco de, 1580-1645., L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704.
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THis Preface is meerly for Fashion-sake, to fill a space, and please the Stationer, who says 'tis neither usual not handsome, to leap immediately from the Title-Page to the Matter. So that in short, a Preface ye have, together with the Reason of it, both under One: but as to the Ordinary Mode and Pre∣tence of Prefaces, the Translator desires to be excus'd. For he makes a Conscience of a Lye, and it were a damn'd one, to tell ye, that he has Page  [unnumbered] publisht This, either to Gratifie the importunity of Friends, or to Oblige the Publick, or for any other Reason of a hundred, that are commonly gi∣ven in excuse of Scribling. Not but that he loves his Friends, as well as any man, and has taken their Opini∣on along with him. Nor, but that he loves the Publick too (as many a Man does a Coy Mistress that has made his heart ake.) But to pass from what had no effect upon him in this Publication, to that which over-rul'd him in it. It was pure Spite. For he has had hard Mea∣sure among the Physicians, the Law∣yers, the Women, &c. And Dom Francisco de Quevedo, in English, Revenges him upon all his Ene∣mies. For it is a Satyre (in fine) that taxes Corruption of Manners,Page  [unnumbered] in all sorts and degrees of people, without reflecting upon particular States or Persons. It is full of Sharpness and Morality; and has found so good Entertainment in the World, that it wanted only English, of being baptiz'd into all Christian Languages.