The first part of a brief register, kalendar and survey of the several kinds, forms of all parliamentary vvrits comprising in 3. sections, all writs ... illustrated with choice, usefull annotations ...
Prynne, William, 1600-1669.
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A Brief Register, Kalendar, and Survey of the severall kinds of all Parliamentary Writs; with usefull Observations on them.

THat all Great Councils of State, Parlia∣ments, Synods, Convocations held in Eng∣land, under the British, Saxon, Danish, Norman, English Kings successively reigning therein, were summoned by their Royal Writs, precepts, and held by their Authority alone, is a Truth irrefragable, which I haveaelswhere abundantly evidenced by Histories and Records, though all the Writs whereby they were summo∣ned till the reign of King Iohn, be no where extant, be∣ing consumed by the all-devouring jawes of time. The Writs of Summons to Parliaments and Great Councils of State, being the Corner-stones whereon they are founded, and best discovering the causes, ends for which they were summoned; instead of that Folio Register of them at large which I once intended to have published, I shall present you only with a Brief Register and Kalendar of some of the antientest and rarest of them, full of excellent variety and delight; and such Observations on and from Page  2 them, as may best instruct the Readers, rectify the mi∣stakes of some pretended Antiquartes who have written of our English Parliaments, writs of summons to them, and supply their defects, especially concerning the several forms and various kinds of Parliamentary writs, which they have rather touched than handled, being all very maimed and incompleat in this particular.

To avoid Confusion, I shall Marshall these Writs into several Squadrons, according to the quality of the per∣sons to whom they were directed, and that in a Chronolo∣gical Series, digesting them into distinct Sections, begin∣ning with those issued out to our Archbishops, Bishops, Abbots, Priors and Spiritual Lords or Barons of the Realm.