The Spanish wives a farce, as it was acted by His Majesty's servants at the theatre in Dorset-Garden.
Pix, Mary, 1666-1720., Brémond, Gabriel de. Pelerin.
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EPILOGUE, Spoken by Mrs. Verbruggen.

OVR Author, by me, puts up her humble Pray'r,
This Farce, this Trifle of a Play, you'll spare
I'll try your good Nature: But, oh! I fear
You are not like my fond Old Husband here.
Then, first, my Character who will admire?
Some will think it too cold; others, too full of Fire.
I dare swear every Spark here will say,
Damn it, that Cursed Baulk has spoil'd the Play.
Then the Ladies my Staggering won't allow,
They'l cry, Where's her strict Rules of Virtue now?
But the Ladies are not so ignorant: All know
The Difference 'twixt a Spanish Husband, and a Beau.
With Submission our Author still appears;
Courts your Indulgence, and your Iudgment fears;
Lives on your Smiles, and at your Frowns despairs.