Poems, and fancies written by the Right Honourable, the Lady Margaret Newcastle.
Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674.

If Infinite VVorlds, Infinite Centers.

IF Infinites of Worlds, they must be plac'd
At such a distance, as between lies waste.
If they were joyned close, moving about,
By justling they would push each other out.
And if they swim in Aire, as Fishes do
In Water, they would meet * * as they did go.
But if the Aire each World doth inclose
Them all about, then like to Water flowes;
Keeping them equall, and in order right.
That as they move, shall not each other strike.
Or like to water wheels by water turn'd,
So Aire round about those Worlds do run:
And by that Motion they do turne about,
No further then that Motions strength runs out.*
Like to a Bowle, which will no further go,
But runs according as that strength do throw.
Thus like as Bowles, the Worlds do turne, and run,
But still the Jacke, and Center is the * Sun.*