Observations upon experimental philosophy to which is added The description of a new blazing world
Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674.
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TO HIS GRACE THE Duke of Newcastle.

My Noble Lord,

IN this present Treatise, I have ven∣tured to make some observations upon Experimental Philosophy, and to examine the Opinions of some of our Modern Microscopical or Dioptrical Writers; and though your Grace is not onely a lover of Vertuosoes, but a Vertuoso your self, and have as good, and as many sorts of Optick Glasses as any one else; yet you do not bu∣sie your self much with this brittle Art, but employ most part of your time in the more noble and heroick Art of Horsemanship and Weapons, as also in the sweet and delightful Art of Poetry, and in the useful Art of Page  [unnumbered]Architecture, &c. which shews that you do not be∣lieve much in the Informations of those Optick glasses, at least think them not so useful as others do that spend most of their time in Dioptrical inspections. The truth is, My Lord, That most men in these latter times, busie themselves more with other Worlds, then with this they live in, which to me seems strange, unless they could find out some Art that would carry them into those Gelestial Worlds, which I doubt will never be; nay, if they did, it would be no better then Lucian's, or the French-mans Art, with Bottles, Bladders, &c. or like the mans that would scrue himself up into the Moon: And therefore I confess, I have but little faith in such Arts, and as little in Telescopical, Microscopical, and the like inspections, and prefer rational and judicious Observations before deluding Glasses and Experi∣ments; which, as I have more at large declared in this following work, so I leave it to your Graces perusal and judgment, which I know is so just, so exact, and so wise, that I may more safely rely upon it, then all others besides; and if your Grace do but approve of it, I care not if all the world condemn it; for your Graces Approbation is all that can be desired from,

My Lord,

Your Graces honest Wife, and humble Servant, M. N.