Observations upon experimental philosophy to which is added The description of a new blazing world
Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674.
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BY this Poetical Description, you may perceive, that my ambition is not onely to be Emperess, but Autho∣ress of a whole World; and that the Worlds I have made, both the Blazing- and the other Philosophical World, men∣tioned in the latter part of this Description, are framed and composed of the most pure, that is, the rationalparts of Matter, which are the parts of my Mind; which Cre∣ation was more easily and suddenly effected, then the Con∣quests of the two famous Monarchs of the World, Alexan∣der and Caesar: Neither have I made such disturbances, and caused so many dissolutions of particulars, otherwise named deaths, as they did; for I have destroyed but some few men in a little Boat, which died through the extremity of cold, and that by the hand of Justice, which was necessitated to punish their crime of stealing away a young and beaute∣ous Lady. And in the formation of those Worlds, I take more delight and glory, then ever Alexander or Caesar did in conquering this terrestrial world; and though I have made my Blazing-world, a Peaceable World, allowing it but one

Page  [unnumbered] Religion, one Language, and one Government; yet could I make another World, as full of Factions, Divisions, and Wars, as this is of Peace and Tranquility; and the rational figures of my Mind might express as much courage to fight, as Hector and Achilles had; and be as wise as Nestor, as Eloquent as Ulysses, md as beautiful as Helen. But I esteem∣ing Peace before War, Wit before Policy, Honesty be∣fore Beauty; instead of the figures of Alexander, Caesar, Hector, Achilles, Nestor, Ulysses, Helen, &c. chose ra∣ther the figure of Honest Margaret Newcastle, which now I would not change for all this terrestrivl World; and if any should like the World I have made, and be willing to be my Subjects, they may imagine themselves such, and they are such; I mean, in their Minds, Fancies or Imaginations; but if they cannot endure to be subjects, they may create Worlds of their own, and Govern themselves as they please: But yet let them have a care, not to prove unjust Vsurpers, and to rob me of mine; for concerning the Philosophi∣cal World, I am Emperess of it my self; and as for the Bla∣zing- world, it having an Emperess already, who rules it with great wisdom and conduct, which Emperess is my dear Platonick Friend; I shall never prove so unjust, treache∣rous and unworthy to her, as to disturb her Government, much less to depose her from her Imperial Throne, for the sake of any other; but rather chuse to create another World for another Friend.

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