The right vnderstanding of the times opened in a sermon preached to the Honorable House of Commons, December 30, 1646, at Margaret Westminster, being the day of their solemne monethly fast
Marshall, Stephen, 1594?-1655.
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IT hath been much lamented by learned men, that the times where∣in things have been done in the world, are no more truly computed, and that thereby all Histories of times are very imperfect, Apud quos ratio temporis non cohaeret, apud illos ne∣que veritatis neque fidei historicae ratio ulla constare potest; How much more is it to bee la∣mented, that so few have any understanding of the times in reference to the things which concerne their Page  [unnumbered] everlasting peace? because no lesse mischiefe then ruine of soules, of Nations and Churches unavoi∣dably breake in upon them, who know not the time of their visitation; If this plaine Sermon may help this way to mend the times, and promote the right and best study of them, especially if God vouchsafe to blesse it to bee in any degree usefull to you in your great worke, for whose Meridian it was calculated, for whose use it was composed, to whom it was preached, and by whose order it is now made pub∣lique, it will bee a great comfort to the spirit, and a blessed answer from heaven to the Prayers of

Your unworthy and most devoted Servant, STEPHEN MARSHALL.