The last farewel of three bould traytors
Miles, Abraham.
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The last farewel of three bould Traytors.

Bloody Cromwel, bloody Bradshaw and Tyrant Ireton, who being drawn to Ty∣born upon two Sledges, January 30. 1661. the same day of the moneth as they Murdered our Sovereign Lord King Charles the first, of ever blessed Memory, Cromwels Sledg comming first to Tyborn, his Coffin was broken open, then a rope put about his Neck, by the Execu∣tioner, and drawn upon the South side of Tyborn, Bradshaw and Ireton, come on the second Sledg, and Bradshaw was drawn up with a rope on the East side of Tyborn, and Ireton was hanged on the North side; they did hang for the space of six or seaven hours, in the view of thousands of people, then was their heads cut off by the Executioner, and their bones buried under Ty∣born, and their heads set where the Kings Majesty pleaseth.

To the Tune of, Oliver was of Huntington, &c.


VVHO did not hear of Olivers Nose,
with a fa, la, la, la, la, lero.
It was of the largest sise as I suppose,
with a fa, la, &c.
O he was excellent cunning and wise,
And Craftily fooled the people with lies.
And thought by his wit to furmount the Skies,
with a fa, &c.
He was a Souldier in time of the VVar,
with a fa, &c,
And he caused many a bloody scar,
with a fa, &c.
From a Captain unto a Lord Generall,
And then a Protector at last of all
And from that high stile he there caught a fall,
with a fa, &c.
But in the first place, he ruld as a King,
with a fa, &c.
He had his pleasure, the world in a sling,
with a fa, &c.
He had whatsoever with the beck of his fist,
And ••munded all men to what he list,
And those that offended, he gave them the Twist,
with a fa, &c.
Then Noll at last fell mighty sick,
with a fa, &c.
Past the care of man or Physick,
with a fa, &c.
VVhen No•… was felling sick and would dy,
Beldam Ioneung for nither Chapawry,
And having an Oynion she séemed to cry,
with a fa, &c.
Then a brave Tomb there must be made,
with a fa, &c.
And in it this Hector must be laid,
with a fa, &c.
And furder to worship their Idol beast,
They every day made him a feast,
After they had put, this bar-boone in his chest
with a fa, &c.

The Second part

to the same Tune,


BVt then brave Monck he turned the tide,
with a fa la la la la lero,
Threw Lambert and Haslerig out of their pride
with a fa, &c.
Brought in our King and the Traytors knapt,
And many into fast prison was clapt,
But they wanted a tyrant under ground wrapt
with a fa &c.
Twas thought the great wind had him stole,
with a fa, &c.
At last they dived into a hole,
with a fa, &c.
And looking into the Valt round,
Olivers Nose they quickly found,
And two Traytors more that lay under ground
with a fa, &c.
Then out of Westminster they lifted them hey,
with a fa, &c.
To the Sign of the Lyon all in one day,
with a fa, &c.
And then upon the thirtieth day,
On sledges they did them convey,
To Tiburn for to take their way,
with a fa, &c.
Oliver first to Tiburn came,
with a fa, &c.
The Sheriffe and his men for him made room,
with a fa, &c.
Then Squire Dun his Coffin burst,
With a Rope Gaffer Cromwel up he trust,
And when he came down his head off must,
with a fa, &c.
Then Bradshaw next that bloody Iudg,
with a fa, &c.
To hang him up Dun did not grudge,
with a fa, &c.
Their did hang this bloody fiend,
On Tyburn he had a stretching swing,
And then next his head must be severed from him,
with a fa, &c.
Then Ireton next to make a Tryangle,
with a fa, &c.
They there by the Neck in a halter did dangle,
with a fa, &c.
Now these Traytors have lost their powers
VVho formerly had gaind Towns and Towers,
Did hang at Tyborn six or seaven hours,
with a fa, &c.
Cromwel, Bradshavv, Ireton, farewel,
vvith a fa, &c.
A mess under Tiburn for the Devil of hell,
vvith a fa, &c.
From Tyburn they e're bid adiew,
And there is an end of a stincking crew,
I wish all may to their King prove true,
vvith a fa la la la la lero.
Vivat Rex.