A memento to young and old: or, The young man's remembrancer, and the old man's monitor. By that eminent and judicious divine, Mr. John Maynard, late of Mayfield in Sussex. Published by William Gearing, minister of the Gospel
Maynard, John, 1600-1665., Gearing, William.


Use. I. THis may serve for a just reproof of those Fathers, who live in swear∣ing, whoredom, drunkenness, oppression, and so are a shame and reproach to their Chil∣dren: and regard not, though their Sons likewise to their shme and reproach, be a stinking generation and family, walking in their sins. Diogenes, when he saw a young man drunk, said, the reason was, because his Father begat him when he was drunk. In like manner when he saw a young man beat∣ing his Father, he said, he doth it because his Father did neglect his duty to him in bring∣ing him up. The wicked lives and dissolute conversations of Fathers, is the cause of their Sons wickedness. Hearken to me all ye Pa∣rents, let me demand of you; Are not ye the propagators of original sin to your Chil∣dren, Page  156 which maketh them Children of wrath, and heirs of damnation? Will not ye rest there, but must you needs by your wicked and licencious conversation make them two∣fold more the Children of Hell, Hast not thou sins enough to answer for? but thou must have their sins upon thy score too? Ye wicked Parents, that sin in the sight of your Children, you draw them to sin as you do: a Parents sin committed in the sight of a Child, is a double sin. It is said of a corrupt generation, Hos. 2. 3, 4. Their Mother plaid the Harlot, and they are the Children of whore∣doms. The Holy Ghost seemeth to give in this as the reason why the Children are the Children of whoredoms, viz. Because their Mother plaid the Harlot: so that there was a succession of wickedness among them. Take heed therefore O ye Parents, of breath∣ing infection upon your Children, to make them like your selves in wickedness, and the guilt of your sins, and to bring them to par∣take of God's Judgements together with your selves. The Switzers foresaw this, who enacted a Law, that if a Child were condemned to die, the Father should exe∣cute him; because that usually the neglect and evil carriage of Parents, is the fountain of all misery and wickedness in their Chil∣dren. Page  157 Oh, what cruel Parents are they to their Chil∣dren! that will lie, swear, curse, in the hear∣ing of their Children, that will teach them to lie, to game, to steal, to use deceit, to break the Sabbath, as if they would have them to learn the Devils Carechism without book? Thou that art a Father of Children, consider thou, that at the resurrection day, thy Children, whose damnation thou didst further by thy wicked example, will curse thee to thy face. Cursed be that Father that begat me, and the Womb that bare me, and the Paps that gave me suck: Oh! that there had been news brought to my Father, that a Toad, or a Snake had been born to him, when it was said, there is a man-child born. Then will the Son cry out in Hell-torments, I had ne∣ver come into this place of torment, had not my Father been; had he given me good in∣struction, a good example, I had not been cast into this dark dungeon. I learnt to curse and blaspheme from that cursed blasphemous Father. I learn'd to be drunk from that drunken Father. I learn'd to mock at piety and holiness, to scoff at the wayes and people of God, of that scoffing Father. I learn'd to prophane the Sabbath, I neglected Prayers in my family, I neglected the hearing of the Word, for my Father did so before me: he Page  158 was an Atheist, and so was I. Oh, that I had been his currish Dog, his filthy Hog, rather than his beloved Son. As they in Rome said of Nero, because of his cruelty, it were bet∣ter be Nero's Hog than his Son. Oh, how will such Children be ready to cast fire-brands in the faces of such wicked Parents, when they are in Hell-flames together.