A memento to young and old: or, The young man's remembrancer, and the old man's monitor. By that eminent and judicious divine, Mr. John Maynard, late of Mayfield in Sussex. Published by William Gearing, minister of the Gospel
Maynard, John, 1600-1665., Gearing, William.

TAke heed then of making these go•• daies of Youth to be evil daies, whi•• God hath made good daies.

Quest. But some will say perhaps, ho are they made evil daies?

Page  83Sol. I. I answer in general: The daies of Youth (good in themselves) are made evil, when they are spent in unregeneration, spent in a state of impenitency, without sound conversion to God, without holy communion with him. Every young man, who is not brought home to God by unfeign∣ed repentance in his Youth, maketh the daies of his Youth to be evil daies, Rom. 6. 20, 21. When ye were the servants of Sin, ye were free from righteousness: what fruit had ye then in those things whereof ye are now a∣shamed; for the end of those things is death. Whiles a man is an unregenerate person, he is a servant of Sin, and all that while he ma∣keth his daies evil daies, his life an evil life; for he is not able to shew any fruit that he hath reaped of all his works and wayes; no true benefit, no sound comfort ariseth out of all his courses. So it is with old men that live in the service of sin without true regeneration. In like manner it is in young men that are unregenerate, let them do what they will, or can, let them fill themselves with all man∣ner of earthly pleasures; let them please themselves every way, and do what they can to enjoy these dayes of Youth, walking in the wayes of their own Heart, and in the sight of their Eyes, please their Senses of all sorts, Page  84 &c. Nay, let them spend their daies of Youth better than so, even in Wars, in Study and Learning, in getting some useful & commen∣dable Trade; yet so long as they are unre∣generate, and do not seriously remember & turn to their Creator now in these daies of their Youth, they have no true fruit (worth the having) of all their endeavours, of all their daies of Youth. Now doth not a man make his daies evil daies, when he spendeth them so, that no true good cometh of them? when they bring forth more evil than good; so much evil, as that the good that might come of them is not good unto them: for the end of these things is death. When a man is still hastening to his destruction, running o towards his death (as every one unconverte is) what fruit can there come of any thing he goeth about? All ye that are young, who put off repentance and are not regenerate, nor labour to be so, ye make the daies of your Youth, which ye so rejoyce in, evil daies, cursed daies, ye walk under the wrath and curse of God, and are not freed from the sentence of condemnation. Whiles ye are merry and jocund, whiles your Hearts cheer you, ye do but sport your selves in the midst of your own misery and dangers. Canst thou enjoy one good day whiles thou hast no assu∣rance Page  85 for an hour to be free from the fire that never goeth out; whiles thou standest accur∣sed, and hast the sentence of condemnation written upon thy conscience, and not washed off by the blood of Christ spinkled by faith: oh these are evil bitter daies, if thou couldest discern them rightly, wherein Heaven frown∣eth upon thee, God is angry with thee; and all thy sins remain unpardoned! Therefore repent and make thy peace with God, that so the daies of thy Youth may be good daies; daies wherein thou maist be assured that God is appeased with thee; daies wherein thou maist walk in the bright Sun-shine and light of his countenance; daies wherein thou maist have thy fruit in holiness for the present, and be assured that the end will be everlasting life: then shall the daies of thy Youth be good and blessed daies un o thee.