A memento to young and old: or, The young man's remembrancer, and the old man's monitor. By that eminent and judicious divine, Mr. John Maynard, late of Mayfield in Sussex. Published by William Gearing, minister of the Gospel
Maynard, John, 1600-1665., Gearing, William.

II. THis should perswade the younger sort, not to make those daies evil which God hath made good: Oh do not a∣buse your choycest daies to the basest em∣ployments. Page  81 Think the spring of your age too good for Satan, too pretious for Lust, for Drunkenness, for Vanity, too good to be so spent, that in old age ye shall not be able to remember it without shame, without a sting. Ye know what the Lord spake long since to Israel, If ye walk contrary unto me, I also will walk contrary unto you. How can ye walk more contrary unto God, than to make those the worst daies which he hath made the best? To have abused any of God's good Creatures under the Law had been sin, to have profaned the first fruits a double sin, to give any of our time to the service of sin, is unworthy of a Christian; but to abase the prime of Youth, and the crown of our years, the choicest of our daies to this sla∣very, what is it but to set our selves to cross the Lord in the wisdom of his wayes, and to make these daies evil because he hath made them good? Regard not those who scoff in their carnal folly at the uniting of these two together, Youth and Holiness, as at an un∣equal match: as if a young man and an old woman were joyned together in marriage. Assure thy self, that nothng can so well be∣come the best daies as the best affections and the best conversation: that nothing is more seemly for a vessel of honour, than to be Page  82 seasoned with true grace and sanctification, even while it is now, in the daies of Youth, 1 Joh. 2. 13, 14. I write unto you young men, because ye have overcome the wicked one. Again, I have written unto you young men, because ye are strong, and the word of God abideth in you, and ye have overcome the wicked one. Here is the excellency of young men, not that they have so much strength o body, or daring Spirits to challenge or lay others on the ground; as that they have strength of grace, and power of the Spirit to wrestle with Satan in all his temptation and tread them under their feet; when the have the word of God abiding in them, an powerfully enabling them to wrestle wit Principalities and Powers, and so to wrestl as to overcome, These are young men to whom the beloved Apostle of Christ vouch∣safeth to write in a peculiar manner: a indeed such are young men, whose Youth man ought to despise.