A memento to young and old: or, The young man's remembrancer, and the old man's monitor. By that eminent and judicious divine, Mr. John Maynard, late of Mayfield in Sussex. Published by William Gearing, minister of the Gospel
Maynard, John, 1600-1665., Gearing, William.


Vse. 2. THis should teach Parents and Masters, that have any of the younger sort under their charge, to be very careful and diligent to teach them what doth most of all become them, even the fear of God, and Faith unfeigned. Instead of teach∣ing them vain fashions which they are too Page  65 apt to learn of them, to teach them that it will best become them not to fashion them∣selves according to this evil world, but to be transformed in the renewing of their mind: to teach them, that the words of heavenly wisdome, the word of God laid up in the heart, and shewed forth in the life, will be their richest ornament. Let them know, how well Humility, Modesty, Temperance, Chastity, Sobriety, Holiness and the know∣ledge of God will become them. Let them not only be taught how good these things are, but how seasonable, how fit they are; how seemly for them at those years, how ne∣cessary. Let them understand how ill it be∣cometh them at this age to want these Jewels, and what deformity the contrary sins do put upon them. As it becometh them of youn∣ger years to be thus qualified, so it beco∣meth you that are elder, by all means, both in word and conversation, to shew them what becometh them.