A memento to young and old: or, The young man's remembrancer, and the old man's monitor. By that eminent and judicious divine, Mr. John Maynard, late of Mayfield in Sussex. Published by William Gearing, minister of the Gospel
Maynard, John, 1600-1665., Gearing, William.
Page  36


Use 2. THis also sheweth another not able Errour of young Men, who think they may freely take that liberty which other may not, and walk more at large, than thos of elder years. Ye see the holy Ghost crosse this conceit, and calleth upon young Me more especially, to Remember their Creatou Know therefore, That when our Saviour saith Enter in at the strait Gate, He speake unto you that are young, and requireth th of you in your youth as well as any othe He directeth both old and young to com this way to Heaven; for broad is the way, an wide is the Gate that leadeth to Destruction and many there be which go in thereat: becau•• strait is the Gate, and narrow is the wa which leadeth unto Life, and few there be th find it, Mat. 7. 13, Our Saviour charge all to leave the broad way, that will not 〈◊〉 into Destruction; and therefore for youn Men to think, that they may walk at large, an follow their Lusts, is to imagine, that the have liberty, to run into Damnation. Ther is but one way, (and that is a narrow one but one Gate, (and that is a strait one) tha leadeth unto Life; and they that would liv for ever, must enter into Life by this straiPage  37 Gate, and narrow way, whether young or old. If ye would know what allowance ye have in this kind, it is no more than that which Solomon giveth in Eccles. 11. 9. Rejoyce O young man in thy youth, and let thy heart chear thee in the daies of thy youth. Take thy plea∣sure; but so, that thou make sure account for all these vanities and sicentiousness of youth, to give a most strict account at the day of Judgment. If thou wit tipple, if thou wilt swear, if thou wlt ••le away thy time, &c. know for a certain, that God will bring thee to Judgment for all these things.

Was it not to a young Mn that our Sa∣viour spake, when he said, Go and sell all that thou hast, give to the poor, and follow me? Mar. 19. 21, 22. Here was a narrow way, and yet this was required of a young Man, if he would be saved. And though h were young, yet could he get no release of our Sa∣viour, but he goeth away with a sad and sor∣rowful heart. The like in effect, saith our Saviour to every young Man; sell all that thou hast: do away thy Lusts, put away thy Drunkenness, cast off Lying, Swearing, Idle∣ness, Pride, Vanities, and follow me. The way of Christ is the strictest 〈◊〉, the nar∣rowest path that ever Man went. Now Christ will have young Men follow him, and keep Page  38 their feet in the narrow way which he hath gone before, and tread in his steps. I hope none will be so Blasphemous, as to say, that Christ did take this licentious course, which young Men think they may take. Well then if thou wilt enter into life, thou must follow him, and go in that narrow path wherein he walked. It is to be observed, that Christ was young, and dyed young; therefore if ye that are young, look for Salvation by him, ye must follow him, in those waies of his youth. All those good works, all that ho∣lness, whereby he fulfilled all righteousness, these were the practises of his youth; if then ye will have him for your Saviour, who walk∣ed thus in his youth, ye must follow him in your youth. Christ went about doing good, and thinkest thou, that thou maist go about doing evil, that thou maist run about hunting after idle meetings, and ill company because thou art young, and in the flower of thy youth? No, Christ was young, when he went about doing good, Act. 10. 38. And therefore if thou takest liberty to go about doing evil, because thou art young, thou art no Disciple of Christ.