A memento to young and old: or, The young man's remembrancer, and the old man's monitor. By that eminent and judicious divine, Mr. John Maynard, late of Mayfield in Sussex. Published by William Gearing, minister of the Gospel
Maynard, John, 1600-1665., Gearing, William.


Vse. 1. THis sheweth the great folly of young Men, who think (of all others in a Congregation) that they have least reason to give any special heed, and yield obedience unto the Word Preached. Old Men (they think) had need to look about them, they smell of the Winding-sheet, the Grave groaneth for them, an earthy cold be∣numeth their Limbs, the beginnings of death are already upon them, and have taken deep possession of them: but as for themselves, they are full of Life, and feel no messengers of Death: Life aboundeth in their Blood, in their Spirits, it is strongly seated in their Bones, it beateth in their pulses, it looketh out at their eyes, and shineth in their faces: there is no sign, no shew of Death. Alass, poor souls! Death doth not alwayes give any long time of warning, it maketh many sudden surprizals, as well as tedious and lin∣gring seiges. It hangeth up young Absalom invironed with his Warlike troops; it shed∣deth Page  33 young Amnon's blood in the midst of his Cups; while Jobs Sons and his Daughters were eating and drinking wine in their eldest Brothers house, there came a great wind from the Wilderness, and smote the four corners of the house, and fll upon the young Men, and they dyed, Job 1. 18, 19. In one night Death slyeth the Sons and Heirs of Pha∣raoh, and of all the Egyptians; so that there was scarce one house, where there was not one young Man dead.

How often hath the supream Lord of Life and Death taught us by evident examples, that no age is privledged, no years are ex∣empted; that the youngest cannot promise himself another year, another day, or hour? ye that sit here old and young, who knoweth when, or where the next blow will light? Sin hath perverted the order of Nature, and put it out of course; and therefore ye must not look, that the same order should be kept in passing out, which was in coming into the World; and that those who came first, should alwaies leave those behind them, which were born after them. The Son dyeth before the Father, the Nephew before the Grand-father, the Young before the Old, the Heir before him that is in possession. Sin hath let in Death into the World, and that cometh in as an Page  34 Enemy, not upon parly and conditions, b•• as a Conqueror by a forcible entry, and 〈◊〉 sacketh this City of the World, and maketh no difference of Sex or Age, but kille and striketh on the right han, and on th left, It hearkneth to no such plea: The•• is an elder man, There is a Woman that 〈◊〉 old when I was a Child; let me alone, I am content to yield when mine Auntients a•• gone before me: No, if I will that he 〈◊〉 what is that to thee? follow thou m Some daies in the year, are not near so lo•• as some others. Some mens lives will b reach the middle of some others, their 〈◊〉 setteth at noon, and the night is come upo them before they have begun their da••• work. Therefore let young men learn wi∣dom from the wise man; yea, from the Sp∣rit speaking in this Text, Remembering the Creatour, in the daies of their Youth. And 〈◊〉 thou, O young Man! whatsoever thou hea••∣est, concerning the wayes of God; thin that whatsoever remembrances, are delive∣ed from the Word, to put thee in mind of 〈◊〉Creatour, that they concern thee in especial. 〈◊〉 there were none but young Men in a Parist that place should have special need of th Word of God. If there were no gray-he•• in a Congregation, yet there is need of sp∣cial Page  35 Exhortations from the Word, to mind such of their Creatour. If thou hearest of present Repentance, conceive that it is spo∣ken to thee. If the danger of continuing in sin, and delaying conversion be set forh in the Ministry of the Word, know that this belongeth to thee in special manner, who art in the daies of thy youth. If thou hearest the charge of our Saviour, Watch therefore, left at any time your hearts be overcome with Surfeiting and Drunkenness, and the cares of this life, and that day come upon you una∣wares, Luk. 21. 34. Know, that this is spo∣ken unto thee, and that thou in thy youth, must not at any time give way to these things; no, not when friends meet, nor when thou art urged, and haled to it. When Solo∣mon saith, My Son, when sinners entice thee, consent thou not Prov. 1. 10. Think that he speaketh to thee. Whom doth the Com∣pellation [My Son] better befit than the young Man? when St. Paul saith, God hath not called us unto uncle anness, but unto holiness; that every one of us should possess his vessel in sanctification and in honour, not in the lust of Concupisence, &c. 1. These 4. 4, 5. Believe 〈◊〉, that he speaketh unto thee, who art in thy youth; wherein he speaketh most plainly. 2 Tim. 2. 22. Fly also youthful Lusts.