A memento to young and old: or, The young man's remembrancer, and the old man's monitor. By that eminent and judicious divine, Mr. John Maynard, late of Mayfield in Sussex. Published by William Gearing, minister of the Gospel
Maynard, John, 1600-1665., Gearing, William.


Vse. LEt me speak a few words to you that are of the younger sort. When so∣ever you see a young Man or Maid carried to their graves, that spectacle of Mortality for∣bids you to be forgetful of your Creatour in any Age or part of your Life. Look upon that Coffin that holdeth a body young, and very lately strong in constitution, and let it be unto thee, O young Man, an use of in∣structio, nt to trust to long life in the heat Page  23 of thy youth, or the best of thy strength; not to please thy self in a self-content arising out of thine own form, youthful, lively temper, not to magnify thine happiness, in regard of a seeming advantage which thou thinkest thou hast of old age, in being more capable of carnal delights than it; that thou art able to take in more of the Devils baits, which he never casteth forth without an hook. Let it teach thee not to hearken to the entice∣ments of Sinners, old or young, nor to think that house of all others the best adorned, that hath a Sign-post.

Let it reprove thy great forgetfulness of thy Creatour, in the daies of thy youth; Let it strike a deep apprehension into thine heart of the necessity of present repentance with∣out all delay; and let this so work upon thee, and stick by thee, that no potts my wash it off, nor no loud Ale-house clamours may drown the voice of thy Conscience, when it shall bring this to thy remembrance. Oh let not Satan bewitch thee! Weart thou as certain of a long life, as thou art uncertain, yet canst thou not possible be certain of the grace of Repentance, which is a rare gift; and (I am perswaded) seldome bestowed in decrepit years, where it hath been rejected in the more able age; especially by such, as Page  24 all their time have lived under a faithful and convincing Ministry. Doth the Apostle say, That the Gentiles were given up to a repro∣bate sence, because they did with-hold the truth in unrighteousness, going on in those unrighteous courses, which the Light of Truth Manifested to them by the works of Creation, did discover and Condemn? How much more mayst hou tremble at this dreadful Judgment, who continuest in the pride of thy youth to sin with greediness, against that Light of the Word, which shineth unto thee farr more brightly, than that twilight of Na∣ture. The Lord make you wise unto Sal∣vation, and suffer you not with blind eyes, and obstinate Spirits, to run upon your own Destruction, forgeting him that made you; puting off the remembrance of your latter end, pass•••〈◊〉 in a dead sleep of present im∣pen••er 〈…〉 selfe dream of future 〈…〉 very flashes of Hell-fire 〈…〉 which the Lord preserve you, 〈…〉 of your Conscien∣ces, through 〈…〉 and Grace, that ye may not sleep 〈…〉 of everlasting Death.