A memento to young and old: or, The young man's remembrancer, and the old man's monitor. By that eminent and judicious divine, Mr. John Maynard, late of Mayfield in Sussex. Published by William Gearing, minister of the Gospel
Maynard, John, 1600-1665., Gearing, William.

CHAP. 6.

BUt besides these faults in Parents, many others will help to build up Satans Kingdom, upon the ruines of the younger sort, As,

1. Their own equalls in years, by whom they shall be drawn into the same excess of riot, which the others have followed. For as Satan himself being fallen, could not en∣dure Page  18 to lye alone, but sought companions in wickedness and wretchedness, so he instilleth the same disposition into those who are caught in his nects. These therefore partly by hel∣lish scoffs at those, who even out of ingenu∣ity, or good education, loath their courses at the first; partly by pleasing insinuations, smooth language, especially by that 〈◊〉 name of good fellow-ship, wherewith the Fa∣ther of lies hath sought to grace one of his own occupations, do hale others with them in the same wayes of Destruction; and be∣ing joyned together in a wretched society, by lewd and lustful songs, scurril jests, abusive speeches, loud laughter; ruffian-like out∣faceing better and wiser men than them∣selves, they encourage each others, they har∣den their hearts, they drown the voice of Conscience, they contemn the Word of God they fight against Heaven with prophane and horrible Oathes, and (as it were) seal al their leagues of pretended good-fellow-ship even with a resolved 〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉, a decreed for∣getfulness of God, and so of godliness, o Death and of Judgment to come, wherewith St. Paul made even his Heathen Judge to shake, as he sate upon the Bench.

2. Secondly, and especially, a company o grounded Drunkards, that are up and down iPage  19 the Countrey, old Sotts that are setled upon their lees, who know almost every corner in every common or blind Ale-house, as well as the rooms in their own houses and ne∣ver think themselves so well at home, as in a Tap-house. Oh, how do these work about to poyson the youth of our age, and to make them (like themselves) the children of hell! who by the assistance of the Devil abuse their old crafty pates, to ensnare young heedless Souls, and to bring in Captives to the Prince of Darkness. Doth not the same doom be∣long unto these, which was due to Elymas the Sorcerer, for seeking to turn away the deputy from the truth? to whom St. Paul himself used this language, Thou Child of the Devil, and enemy of all goodness, wilt thou not cease to perven•• the streight wayes of the Lord? Do not these by the enchantment of their fawning tongues bewitch green years, and cast them into a dead sleep of security and forgetfulness of God? Oh that mise∣rable experience did not prove my words too mild! which yet some, that in their own cau∣ses can be merciles, perhaps will accuse me of too much roughness. But who can for∣bear, when he seeth them to be the very Emi∣ssaries of Hell, and (as I may so speak) Ipsi∣us ebrietatis leannes, the very Panders or Page  20 Bawds for Drunkenness, an inferiour sort of Tempters or Devils, Satan's under-Officers, and Factors for the Land of Darkness, who are not content to go to Hell without a Troop at their heels, as if it were not sufficient for them to be guilty of destroying their own Souls, unless they have many more Murthers of the same kind, to be put into the same In∣dictment. I tell you, who soever ye are, your society is more to be shunned, than his that hath a Plague-sore upon his body; ye are to be poynted at, and accounted by all that know you, as the very Mothes that fret the newest and the strongest Cloth, Juventutis pestes The very bane of youth, and the cor∣rupters of the next age, which shall then arise, when your bodies are rotten under ground: yea, the sins you now set in a course, may stream down unto the end o the World, whilst they that are infected b you, shall infect others, and so again suc∣cessively; so that by this means ye may b guilty of those sins which shall be commit∣ted many hundred years hence, if the World so long continue.

3. Those Ale-house-keepers, who giv way to all manner of excess in their houses whose Motto may be Lucri bonus odor, &c. In whose ears Swearing is good Musick▪ Page  21 in whose eyes beastly vomits are a pleasing spectacle, and the Lords day, a fit time for tipling and swilling with greediness, so that they may take mony, feed higher, go braver, and look bigger than men of more worth, and better employment: These have their trains to draw on the younger sort, who know not that their houses go down to the chamber of Death.

4 Those Magistrates and Officers cannot by any means be excused, under whom these youthful sins grows fast, whiles they hold the Sword (that is put in to their hands) rusting in the sheath, where is the Spirit and cou∣rage that should be in these, that are the ve∣ry Triarii in the armies of the Lord of Hosts, the stoutest and choicest Soldiers? Are ye afraid of those who are but Lixae & calones, Scullions and Tapsters under Satans Banner? should such Men as ye fly or fear, and not dare to face those, who at the most are but Milites levis armaturae, Souldiers lightly armed, as I may so speak? What can they do against a Justice of the Peace, a Consta∣ble, or an Head-borough, more than let flye their Arrows, even bitter words? I know not what policy is in this connivance, unless it be to leave the envy and burthen upon us of the Ministry, whiles we alone fight against these Page  22 things with the Sword of the Spirit. But if ye refuse utterly to joyne with us in bear∣ing your part of the burthen, you must not look to share in the reward. I desire above all, that you would let the honour of God prevail with you, your Charge, your Oathes; but if these things move not, take heed lest the Lord repay you in your own Coyn; and whiles you tender not the Glory of God, nor the good of the younger sort in general by restraining their licentious meetings, by informing against or punishing those that en∣tertain them, he may justly leave your own Children to be thus corrupted, or at least your Childrens Children of the third or fourth Ge∣neration. The Lord give you zeal and cou∣rage, that you may not have your portion without among the fearful.