The wonderful works of God commemorated praises bespoke for the God of heaven in a thanksgiving sermon delivered on Decemb. 19, 1689 : containing reflections upon the excellent things done by the great God ... : to which is added A sermon preached unto a convention of the Massachuset-colony in New-England ...
Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728., Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728. A sermon preached to the honourable convention of the governour, council, and representatives of the Massachuset-colony in New-England on May 23, 1689.
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A Passage in Mr. Flavels Thanksgiving-Sermon, Preached Febr. 14. 1688

SHall we Ingratefully Overlook the Be∣ginnings of Mercy, as small and Inconsiderable Things? Shall we say, All this i Nothing, because we have not yet All that we would have? God forbid. When Israe was in Egypt, then a Little Straw would have been Esteemed as a great Mercy; but afterwards Quails and Manna were Despised. Bre∣thren, Three or Four Years ago, you would have Accounted it a Special Mercy, to have Enjoy'd an Hour or Two together in Prayer or to have had a Little Spiritual Bread Hand∣ed to you, behind your Enemies Backs; and is it nothing in your Eyes this Day, to behol the Worship of God at Liberty? Yea, to see the Success of the Gospel, in bringing home of many Souls to Christ? The Fears of Po∣tery vanished? The Witnesses Risen; the Tenth-part of the City fallen; and such a prospect of far greater and more gloriou Things before your Eyes? O let not the Consolations of the Almighty seem small.