An essay concerning humane understanding microform
Locke, John, 1632-1704.

CHAP. VIII. Of Trifling Propositions.

  • 1. Some Propositions bring no increase to our Knowledge.
  • 2, 3. As First, Identical Propositions.
  • 4. Secondly, When a part of any com∣plex Idea is predicated of the whole.
  • 5. As part of the definition of the defined.
  • 6. Instance Man and Palfry.
  • 7. For this teaches but the significa∣tion of Words.
  • 8. But no real Knowledge.
  • 9. General Propositions concerning Substances are often trifling.
  • 10. And why.
  • 11. Thirdly, Vsing Words variously, is trifling with them.
  • Page  [unnumbered]12. Marks of verbal Propositions, First, Predication in abstract.
  • 13. Secondly, A part of the Defini∣tion predicated of any term.