An essay concerning humane understanding microform
Locke, John, 1632-1704.

CHAP. XXIII. Of the Complex Ideas of Substances.

  • 1. Ideas of Substances how made.
  • 2. Our Idea of Substance in general.
  • 3—6. Of the sorts of Substances.
  • 4. No clear Idea of Substance in ge∣neral.
  • 5. As clear an Idea of Spirit, as Body.
  • 7. Powers a great part of our complex Ideas of Substances.
  • 8. And why.
  • 9. Three sorts of Ideas make our complex ones of Sustances.
  • 10, 11. The now secondary Qualities of Bodies would disappear, if we could discover the primary ones of their minute Parts.
  • 12. Our Faculties of Discovery suited to our State.
  • 13. Conjecture about Spirits.
  • 14. Complex Ideas of Substances.
  • 15. Idea of spiritual Substances, as clear as of bodily Substances.
  • 16. No Idea of abstract Substance.
  • Page  [unnumbered]17. The Cohesion of solid Parts, and impulse the primary Ideas of Body.
  • 18. Thinking and Motivity, the pri∣mary Ideas of Spirit.
  • 19—21. Spirits capable of Motion.
  • 22. Idea of Soul and Body compared.
  • 23—27. Cohesion of solid Parts in Body, as hard to be conceived, as Thinking in a Soul.
  • 28, 29. Commnication of Motion by Im∣pulse, or by Thought, equally intel∣ligible.
  • 30. Ideas of Body and Spirit compa∣red.
  • 31. The Notion of Spirit involves no more difficulty in it, than that of Body.
  • 32. We know nothing beyond our simple Ideas.
  • 33—35. Idea of God.
  • 36. No Ideas in our Complex one of Spi∣rits, but those got from Sensation or Reflexion.
  • 37. Recapitulation.