A letter sent from a worthy divine to the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of the city of London being a true relation of the battaile fought betweene His Majesty and His Excellence the Earle of Essex : from Warwicke castle the 24 of October 1642, at two a clock in the morning : together with a prayer for the happy uniting of the King and Parliament, fit to be used by all good Christians daily in their houses.
Byfield, Adoniram, d. 1660.

A Prayer for the King and Parliament, fit to be used by all good Christians daily in their Houses.

O God, the great Protector and guider of all Kings and Kiugdomes, mercifully look with thy favonrable eyes of mercy, upon this distressed Kingdome, and so inspire the heart of our Royall King Charles, whom thou hast called to the state and government of this Kingdom, and who through thy mercy, hath taken upon him the same, that he may effect all things to the honour and glory of thy name, and that he may receive the increase of all vertues, wherewith being de∣cently adorned, he may both be able to avoid the monstrous∣nesse of vices, as also to come unto thée right gratious: andPage  [unnumbered] grant O mercifull God, that there may be a true peace, and unitie betwéen Him and His Parliament and that thou O God, so inspire him with thy holy spirit, that he may hear∣ken to his Parliament, and be ruled by them in all things that may be for the good of His sacred Person? and for His whole Kingdom; and with the same holy spirit so inspire the hearts of this Parliament, whom it bath pleased thee to call together from severall parts of this Kingdom, for the gene∣rall good of the same, that they may do nothing but what may be to thy honour and glory, and that they may grow and per∣sever in all manner of vertue, setting all things in due order for the good of the kingdome; and that thy true Religion may here again be throughly setled amongst all men: Thou wouldest O God that none should perish, favourably look up∣on the souls deceived by divelish deceit of hereticall Popish Sectaries and impietie, and remove from their hearts all such foulnesse, that they may be united to thy holy Church; and that all manner of warres or diffentions amongst thy people may be purged, and that thy servants earnestly cra∣ving thy mercy, the cruelty of their enemies be dispersed, thy Church truly setled, our king and Parliament faithfully united, we may evermore praise thee with inceasant thank∣fulnesse, who livest and raignest one true and living God, world without end, Amen.

Laus Deo in aeternum.