* 1. God takes notice of the time of mens enjoying the Gospel.

2. He expects proficiency according to this time.

3. Men that live under the Gospel ought not only to be instructed, but teach others according to that condition wherein God hath set them, not by way of office.

4. Such must be first instru∣cted them∣selves in the principles of Religion. 5. There are principles of Religion, Fundamentals, such Doctrines on which all godlinesse is built, 1 Cor. 3. 12. and all superstructions must agree thereto. 6. There is an order and method to be observed in bringing men to the knowledge of the Gospel, viz. to instruct them in the principles first. 7. Those that are not instructed in principles are not capable of higher doctrine. 8. Ignorance in principles is a just ground of reproof, and a great matter of reproach to those that live under the Gospel.

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