*. The whole 13 Chapter of Deut. is spent about the se∣ducing of false prophets. Are not Moses moral Laws of perpetual equi∣ty, and there∣fore to be ob∣served in all ages? Is bla∣sphemy more tolerable in the New Te∣stament? Mr. Cotton on Rev. 16. third Vial. We are not obliged (saith Beza) to the judicial Laws, as they were given by Moses to one people, yet so farre we are bound to observe them, as they comprehend that general equity which ought to prevail every where. By the judicial Laws of the Jews the false prophets and Idolaters were to be put to death, Deut. 13. 8, 9. & 17. 5, 6. where there is a moral equity in the precept, it is perpetual.

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