Laying on of hands upon baptized believers, as such, proved an ordinance of Christ in answer to Mr. Danvers's former book intituled, A treatise of laying on of hands : with a brief answer to a late book called, A treatise concerning laying on of hands, written by a nameless author
Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.
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Laying on of Hands UPON BAPTIZED BELIEVERS, As such, Proved an Ordinance of Christ. In Answer to Mr. Danvers's former Book, Intituled, A Treatise of Laying on of Hands.

The Second Edition.

WITH A brief ANSWER to a late Book, called, A Treatise concerning Laying on of Hands; written by a nameless Author.

By B. K.

Psal. 119.141.

I am small and despised, yet do not I forget thy Precepts.

LONDON, Printed, are to be Sold by Benj. Harris at the Upper-end of Grace-church-street, near Cornhil, 1698.