The everlasting covenant, a sweet cordial for a drooping soul, or, The excellent nature of the covenant of grace opened in a sermon preached January the 29th, at the funeral of Mr. Henry Forty, late pastor of a Church of Christ, at Abingdon, in the county of Berks, who departed this life Jan. 25th 1692
Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.
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THE Everlasting Covenant, A Sweet CORDIAL for a drooping Soul: Or, The Excellent Nature of the Covenant of Grace Opened: IN A SERMON Preached January the 29th. At the FUNERAL of Mr. Henry Forty, Late Pastor of a Church of Christ, at Abingdon, in the County of Berks.

Who Departed this Life Jan. 25th. 1692/3. and was Interr'd at Southwark.

WHEREIN The ARGUMENTS urged to prove the Covenant of Re∣demption a distinct Covenant from the Covenant of Grace, are Examined, Weighed, and found Wanting.

To which is added, An ELEGY on the Death of the said Minister.

PSAL. 89.33.

My Covenant I will not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my Lips.

By BENJAMINE KEACH, Pastor of a Church of Christ, Meeting at Horsly-down, Southwark.

London, Printed for H. Barnard at the Bible in the Poultrey, 1693.