The state of the Protestants of Ireland under the late King James's government in which their carriage towards him is justified, and the absolute necessity of their endeavouring to be freed from his government, and of submitting to their present Majesties is demonstrated.
King, William, 1650-1729.
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(No 8.) Lord Lieutenants, and Deputy Lieutenants of Counties.

Counties. Lord Lieutenants. Deputy Lieutenants.
COunty Dublin, Col. Simon Lutterel. Thomas Warren.
Bartholomew Russel.
City Dublin Lord Mayor. Sir Thomas Hackett.
Terence Dermot.
Meath Lord Gormanstown. Thomas Bellew.
Trim Walter Nangle.
Westmeath Earl of Westmeath. Edmund Nugent of Car∣linston.
Mullingar James Nugent of Welsh∣town.
Longford Col. William Nugent. Fergus Farrel.
Longford Laurence Nugent.
Catherlogh Dudley Bagnal. Marcus Baggott.
Carlow William Cooke.
Kilkenny Lord Galmoy. John Grace.
Kilkenny Coesar Colclough.
Wexford Col. Walter Butler. Patrick Colclough.
  Walter Talbot.
Wexford Edward Masterson.
Page  325Wicklow John Talbot of Bel∣gard. Hugh Roe Byrne.
Wicklow Thady Byrne.
King's County Col. Garret Moore. Terence Coghlan.
Birr Owen Carrol.
Queens County Lord Clanmalyra. Edward Morris.
Maryburrow Thady Fit-Patrick.
Lowth Lord of Lowth. Roger Bellew.
Drogheda John Babe.
Kildare Earl of Lymrick. Capt. Charles Whyla.
  Francis Leigh.
Naas Wm Fitzgerald of Cooks∣town.
Counties. Lord Lieutenants. Deputy Lieutenants.
Corke Lord Mountcashel. Pierce Nagle.
  Daniel Mac Carty Reagh.
  Sulivan Bere.
Corke Charles Mac Carty, alias Mac Donnogh.
Waterford Earl of Tyrone. John Nugent.
Waterford Thomas Sherlock.
Clare Lord Clare. Donogh ô Brien of Duogh.
Ennis Florence Mac Nemara.
Page  326Counties. Lord Lieutenants. Deputy Lieutenants.
Kerry Lord Kilmore. Donogh Mac Gillicuddy.
Tralee Joseph Browne.
Limerick Lord Brittas. Morice Fitz-Gerald.
Limerick Dom. Roche.
Tipperary Walter Butler, Esq James Butler of Killasa∣han.
  Garret Gough.
Clonmel John Clantwal.
  Daniel Mac Carty.
Counties. Lord Lieutenants. Deputy Lieutenants.
Galway Earl of Clanrickard. John Donnelan.
  Miles Bourke.
Galway Nicholas French.
Roscomon Lord Dillon. Patrick Plunkett.
Roscomon John Fallon▪
Mayo Lord Athenry. John Brown.
Ballinrobe John Hore.
Sligoe Col. Henry Dillon. Edward Crofton.
Sligoe James French.
Leitrim Col. Alexander Mac Donnel. Henry Mac Tool ô Neile.
  Hugh ô Rourkē.
Page  327ULSTER.
Counties. Lord Lieutenants. Deputy Lieutenants.
Cavan Col. Edmond Reyley. Philip Oge ô Reyley.
Cavan Miles Reyley, Junior.
Monoghan Col. Arthur Oge Mac Mahon. Capt. Hugh Mac Mahon.
  Col. Brian Mac Mahon.
Tyrone Col. Gordon ô Neile. Capt. Terence Donnelly.
  Shane ô Donnelly.
Ardmagh Sir Neil ô Neil. Walter Hovendon.
  Con. ô Neil.
Derry Col. Cormuck ô Neil. Capt. Roger ô Cahan.
  Capt. Fran. ô Cahan.
Donegal Conel ô Donnel. Manus ô Donnel.
  Tyrlagh Oge ô Boyle.
  Daniel ô Donnel.
Downe Lord Iveagh. Shilling Magennis.
  Arthur Magennis.
Antrim Earl of Antrim. Shane ô Neil, Sheriff.
  Col. Thady ô Hara.
Fermanagh Lord of Eniskillen. Cuconaght Mac Gwyre.