Christ alone the way to Heaven, or, Jacob's ladder improved containing four sermons lately preach'd on Genesis XXVIII, XII : wherein the doctrine of free-grace is display'd through Jesus Christ : also discovering the nature, office, and ministration of the holy angels : to which is added one sermon on Rom. 8, 1 : with some short reflections on Mr. Samuel Clark's new book intituled Scripture justification
Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.


1. A mighty Flood of divine Wrath is near; it will certainly come, and it will over-flow all the dwellers on the Earth, or such that dwell below: The Saints, who are ascended upon this Ladder,* dwell above: Oh climb up quickly, if you would escape the Wrath to come!

2. There is (you have heard) no other way to go to Heaven; Christ is the Way in which we must walk, the Foundation on which we must build, the Door by which we must enter, or the Ladder by which we must ascend, even by the Vail; that is to say, his Flesh, or by the blood of his Cross.

Do not dream of getting to Heaven by your Tears or Prayers, or by your good Deeds, or good Duties; or by the broken Ladder of Free-will; or by the Light within all. What, O what will become of them that strive to throw down this Ladder, and thnk to be saved some other ways!

3. Tho this Ladder be high, and thy Faith is but weak, yet venture up, set thy Foot upon the first Round; I told you the last day that many Page  56 vvho vvere weak as thou art, are gone to Hea∣ven this way; yea, Multitudes that were as heavy laden as thou art, or canst be, ventured up, and found sure and firm Footing.

4. Thy danger, O Sinner! is great, wilt thou perish in the Flood? O fly to this Ark, get up this Ladder;*He that believeth not shall be Damned.

5. Remember the top reacheth to Heaven, it will bring thee to Heaven, and know also, that in the way,* there are many Angels, they ascend and descend upon this Ladder: they come down to fetch some up, and others they lead and conduct, even those that are ascending upon it: Thou shalt, O Sinner, have blessed Support and Supporters in the way.

Examin. ] Try yourselves, do you exalt Jesus Christ? Certainly if the Father hath exalted him, we ought so to do.

1. Dost thou lay the whole stress of thy Salva∣tion on Jesus Christ, and believe with thy whole Heart?

2. Dost thou love him above all things in the world?

3. Dost thou deny thy self, and forsake all things for his sake, and take up thy Cross and follow him?

4. Dost thou account all things loss for the excel of Jesus Christ?

5. Dost thou take none of his Right, nor Glory from him, and ascribe it to Man, or to the Will of the Creature.

6. Canst not thou be satisfied with any thing with∣out him? No, not with Ordinances, unless thou dost meet with him, and enjoyst him in them?

7. Dost thou desire before all things to be like unto him, or have his Image?

8. Canst not thou endure to grieve nor offend him?

9. Dost thou love him in all wheresoever thou seest his Image, not because they are in all things Page  57 of thy Opinion, but because they are God's Chil∣dren, and have his Likeness. — Also,

6. This may Iform us who are true Ministers,* as well as who re 〈◊〉 Cristians.

1. Not the〈…〉 the Gd-head of Christ: No, let the〈…〉 lush 〈◊〉 be ahamed▪ This discovers that 〈◊〉 are grand Hereticks, and know not Christ.

2. Not such who render God only reoncilable, or a conditional Saviour, not fully reonciled in Jesus Christ, according to their Doctrin: Christ is yours, if you perform the Condition, and what is that? why change your own Hearts, be Rege∣nerated, or never venture to believe on Christ. Alas, they may as son create a World as do this,* it is Christ's work alone,we are born of God, he works all our works in us: Regeneration is the ef∣fect of Ʋnion with Christ.

3. Not such that Preach themselves,* or that Preach for Gain, or seek their own Glory; We Preach not ourselves, but Jesus Christ, the Lord.

Consol.] O know ye Saints, what a happy state you are in, you are mounting up, and shall ascend on high.

2. Angels guard you, support and guide you, and the holy Spirit also directs every step you take.*

3. Nay, God himself takes you by the hand, The steps of a good Man are ordered by the Lord; and tho he falls, he shall not utterly be cast down, because God upholdeth him with his Right-hand.

This Ladder brings you to God,*the Lord God is at the top of it.

1. He was the Contriver of this way; he made this Ladder, he prepared it.

2. He is above the Ladder, denoting tho Christ as Cod, is equal with the Father; yet as Man, or Considered as our Mediator, the Father is above him; My Father is above all, — my Father is greater than I.

Page  583. God being also above it, it may denote that he upholds it by his eternal Counsel, and infinite Power.

4. God is above it also, as an observer of all that are upon it; he sees all that believe on his Son, and takes notice of them.

5. Moreover, he is above it, to encourage all that are upon it with his Covenant-Promise, I am the Lord, the God of Abraham, &c. be not afraid, I will up-hold thee, I will strengthen thee, &c.

6. It may also denote he is at the top of it as an Inviter, to call upon poor Sinners to behold his blessed Son, the Lamb of God, or to believe on him, and venture up.

7. Lastly, he is above it also as a Rewarder, or as the end of our Journey:

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