Christ alone the way to Heaven, or, Jacob's ladder improved containing four sermons lately preach'd on Genesis XXVIII, XII : wherein the doctrine of free-grace is display'd through Jesus Christ : also discovering the nature, office, and ministration of the holy angels : to which is added one sermon on Rom. 8, 1 : with some short reflections on Mr. Samuel Clark's new book intituled Scripture justification
Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.


1. We may Infer from hence, that here is won∣derful Incouragement for poor Sinners to come to Christ; believe in him, or to venture up this Spi∣ritual Ladder.

2. Behold the fulness which is in Christ, and bless God for such a Way, for such a Ladder that reacheth up to Heaven.

3. Inquiry] But why is there so great a ful∣ness in Christ?*

Page  541. Because God will Exalt him, and Magnify him: He knew how many would Debase him, and Disrobe him, of which sort we have too many in these Days.

2. Because he being God, it cannot be otherwise; and this shews he is God: Would God give this Glory to a meer Creature, it would be Idolatry to give divine Adoration to Christ, were not he the most high God.

3. It is because there is such an Emptiness in poor Sinners; nay, in Believers, as in themselves.

4. It is because Christ hath so many Vessels, empty Vessels to fill: True, he has filled Multi∣tudes already, from the beginning of the World; for all that ever had any Righteousness, any Grace, or Peace; I mean true Grace and Peace, they had it from Jesus Christ.

But he hath many empty Vessels yet to fill, therefore there is need of such a fulness in him; he fills his Church, nay all his Churches, and hath a greater Vessel yet to fill, when he hath emptied it, namely the whole Earth;*For all the Earth shall be filled with the Knowledge of the glory of the Lord. And he is emptying it in order to this now:*He will make the Earth empty, and turn it up▪side down. Now 'tis full of Wickedness, full of Sin, full of horrid Abominations, of Oaths, of Pride, Uncleanness, Drunkenness, Cruelty, Divisions, Con∣tentions; nay, of Idolatry, Superstition, Errors, Heresies, and what not; but he will empty it e'er long, and then fill it, there is a new World very near, look for it, prepare for it, be ready.

5. Christ is full, because there is no Bread but in this Garner, no Water of Life for all the World, but in this Well, in this Fountain.

6. Because no Sinner might be discouraged, nor dispair of help, succour, and relief in Christ, nor Be∣lievers, because they are God's Children, and have his Likeness; — Also;

Page  554. This may Reprove such that cast Contempt upon Jesus Christ.* Some lay quite aside this chief Corner-stone: What do they less, that trust to a sober Moral Life?* or they that cry up the Light within, as if that was a Ladder that reaches to Hea∣ven, which is to build on the Covenant of Works. Others degrade him, that put part of the highest Glory on the Will of Man; and such who mix their own Faith, sincere Obedience, or Righteousness with Christ's Merits, and make the Gospel as a meer Law of Obedience, with the sanction of Pro∣mises and Threatnings, rendring our Faith and Obedience the Condition of our Salvation. This is not to go to Heaven by Jacob's Ladder.

5. Be Exhorted to venture up this Spiritual Ladder, i. e. to believe in Christ.*