A true gentlewomans delight Wherein is contained all manner of cookery: together with preserving, conserving, drying and candying. Very necessary for all ladies and gentlewomen. Published by W. I. gent.
Kent, Elizabeth Grey, Countess of, 1581-1651., W. J.

A Skerret Pie.

Take a quarter of a peck of Skerrets blanched, and sliced, season them with three Nurmegs, and an ounce of Cinnamon, and three oun∣ces of Sugar, and ten quartered Dates, and the marrow of three bones rouled in yolkes of Eggs, and one quarter of a pound of Ringo roots, and preserved Lettice, a sliced Lemon, sour blades of Mace, three or four branches of preserved Bar∣berries, and half a pound of Butter, then let it stand one hour in the oven, then put a caudle made of white Wine, Verjuyce, Butter, and Sugar, put it into the pie when it comes out of the oven.