A royal arbor of loyal poesie consisting of poems and songs digested into triumph, elegy, satyr, love & drollery
Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685?

The Epilogue spoken by Cupid.

I Hope these mutual Marriages express
My opticks are restor'd for each distress
The Lovers once suppos'd they had by me,
I have converted to a Jubilee.
All's happy but my self, for I poor I
That figure an eternal Deity,
Must quit my glorious supremacy
To stand the censure of mortality:
Be curteous to a God, then whose high laws
Commands all hearts, yet now must beg applause;
For if you censur me like rig'rous men,
You spoil the plot and strike me blinde agen:
Page  19 All our distractions now are out of date,
I would they were so too in Church and State,
That Englands King and People were at rest
Without confounding eithers interest;
That jealousies and fears may never more
Let loyal hearts lie weltring in their gore;
That so the God of Love may often view
This Island and present himself to you.