An history of the wonderful things of nature set forth in ten severall classes wherein are contained I. The wonders of the heavens, II. Of the elements, III. Of meteors, IV. Of minerals, V. Of plants, VI. Of birds, VII. Of four-footed beasts, VIII. Of insects, and things wanting blood, IX. Of fishes, X. Of man
Jonstonus, Joannes, 1603-1675., Libavius, Andreas, d. 1616., Rowland, John, M.D.

Artic. 5. Of the change of quantity and of qualities, in Waters.

THis great variety in Waters that I have set down, is a token of the wisdome and power of God▪ and it is no lesse wonder, that the same waters should be so diversly changed. It is certain that they are changed. A Fountain in the Island Tenedos alwayes from 3. at night till 6. after the Summer Solstice, overflowes. There is another in odon, that hath its Name from Jupiter, it fails always at Noon-day; And the River Po in Summer, as if it took its rest, growes dry, saith Pliny. In Italy, Tophanus a Fountain of Anagnania is dry when the Lake Fucinus is frozen; at other times of the year it runs with great quan∣tity of water, Agricol. l. cit. passim. The Waters of the Lake of Ba∣bylonPage  46 are red in Summer. Boristhenes at some times of the year seems to be died with Verdigrease. The water of the Fountain of the Tungri is boyling hot with fire subterraneal, and is red. The Waters of the River Caria by Neptuns Temple were sweet, and are now salt. But in Thrace when Georgius Despota ruled, a sweet Fountain grew to be bitter intolerably, and whole rivers were changed at Citheron in Beo∣tia, as Theophrastus writes. Men report, that of the Mineral Waters which run by the Pangaeus, a Mountain of Thrace, an Athenian cotyle weighs in Summer 64 grains, and in Winter 96. In the Province of Cyrene, the Fountain of the Sun is hot at midnight, afterwards it cooles by degrees; and at Sun-rising it is cold: and the higher the the Sun riseth, the colder it is; so that it is frozen at mid day: then again by degrees it growes warm, it is hot at Sun-set; and the more the Sun proceeds, the hotter it becomes. The same Fountain every day as it growes cold at mid-day, so it is sweet; as it growes hot at midnight, so it growes bitter.