An history of the wonderful things of nature set forth in ten severall classes wherein are contained I. The wonders of the heavens, II. Of the elements, III. Of meteors, IV. Of minerals, V. Of plants, VI. Of birds, VII. Of four-footed beasts, VIII. Of insects, and things wanting blood, IX. Of fishes, X. Of man
Jonstonus, Joannes, 1603-1675., Libavius, Andreas, d. 1616., Rowland, John, M.D.

CHAP. XXI. Of the Goat call'd the Evick, and the Indiat Rat, Ichneumon.

THe Evicks in the Alps are a kind of wild Goats. They naturally require cold, otherwise they would grow blind. They have huge weighty horns that are reclining toward their backs; and the elder they are, so much the greater. The old horns are with 20 knots grown on them, and then two of them weigh above 16 pounds. There is no rock so steep but they will leap upon it, if they can but find place to stand; some say they will climb up a steep wall. Hun∣ters say, that when they are ready to die they will clamber up a very high rock, and leaning one horn against the rock, they will run round continually, till they have broken it, and fall down dead, Gesner. Page  223 Ichneumon is a Creature in Egypt with a long tail, like to a Serpents, Oppian. Without the Chin he hath an excrescence beset with hair, when it is hot he openeth that, his mouth being shut. The Country men of Alexandria sell the young ones in the Market; for they bring them up to catch Mice, which they will do like Cats. He is an Ene∣my to the Crocodile; for when he observes him sleeping, he rolles himself in clay, and goes into his mouth, and so into his belly, and eats his Liver, and then leaps forth again, Gillius in Oppian: but Gesner will not believe it.