A copy of some papers past at Oxford, betwixt the author of the Practicall catechisme, and Mr. Ch.
Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660., Cheynell, Francis, 1608-1665.
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I Returne you thanks, and am before-hand with you for Prayers, the Lord pardon, and lead you into all truth and holinesse. Truly Sir, I had said as much of the Practicall Catechisme as I did say, though you had beene in Towne, nay, had beene (where you might learne something of my brethren) at Church. What I said of the Author of that Catechisme, was (your Friends being Judges) as such as hee deserved: some thinke I spoke too highly in his commendations: But to the point; first you say you are obliged in Justice to mee to desire an exact account of my Sermons: Sure this is somewhat more then equall Justice to mee, it is to exercise Jurisdiction over mee. Secondly, you doe much abuse your selfe in the notion of Christian justice, if you conceive mee obliged in Christian justice to give you an account this night (being to preach to morrow) of what I preached about ten dayes agoe.

I will deale plainely with you, I have not said all that I intend to say of that Catechisme, because it seemes to evacuate the morall Law, under pretence of filling up its vacuities, and it doth in effect overthrow the sum and substance of the Gospel. Sir, this is more then I said in either Sermon; But you shall (in due time, place, and manner, as soone as my weighty occasions will permit) receive the reasons of this assertion.

From your humble Servant Fr. Cheynell.

Saturday, Octob. 10. 1646.

about 4 of the clock in the after∣noone.