The baptizing of infants revievved and defended from the exceptions of Mr. Tombes in his three last chapters of his book intituled Antipedobaptisme
Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.
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Books written by H. Hammond D. D.

  • A Paraphrase and Annotations upon all the Books of the New Testa∣ment by Henry Hammond D. D. in fol.
  • 2. The Practical Catechisme, with all other English Treatises of Henry Ham∣mond D. D. in two volumes in 4o
  • 3. Of Fundamentals in a notion referring to Practise, by H. Hammond D. D. in 12o.
    Several Books of Controversies relating to the present times, by the same Author in two large volumes in 4to viz.
  • 1. Dissertationes quatuor, quibus Episcopatus Iura ex S. Scripturis & Primaeva Antiquitate adstruuntur, contra sententiam D. Blondelli & aliorum▪ Authore Henrico Hammond, in 4o.
  • 2. A Vindication of the Dissertations concerning Episcopacy from the Excep∣tions offered against them by the London Ministers in their Ius Divinum Ministerii Evangelici in 4o.
  • 3. An Answer to the Animadversions on the Dissertations touching Ignatius Epistles and the Episcopacy in them asserted, subscribed by Iohn Owen servant of Jesus Christ, in 4o.
  • 4. Of Schisme. A Defence of the Church of England, against the Excepti∣ons of the Romanists, in 12o
  • 5. A Reply to the Cathol. Gent: Answer to the most materiall part of the Book of Schisme, together with an Account of H. T. His Appendix to his Manuall of Controversies &c. 4o.
  • 6. A Letter of Resolution of six Quaeries, in 12o.
  • 7. An account of Mr. Cawdreys Triplex Diatrio. concerning Superstition, Will-worship, and Christmass Festivall. New.