The humble address of the corporation of Trinity-House

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The humble address of the corporation of Trinity-House
Trinity House (London, England)
London :: printed for Rich. Royston, bookseller to His most sacred Majesty,

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Trinity House (London, England) -- Early works to 1800.
Merchant mariners -- England -- Early works to 1800.
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Windsor, May 15. 1681.

This day the Right Honourable George Earl of Berkeley, Master of the Corporation of the Trinity-House of Deptford-Strond; in company with the Wardens, Assistants, and Elder-Brethren of the said Corporation, attended His MAJESTY here, with an ADDRESS, Introduced by his Lordship, with a Speech to the Effect following.

May it please Your Majesty,

WE Your MAJESTIES most Loyal and Dutiful Subjects, do in all Humility acknowledge, that Your Majesty has been most Gracious to all Your Subjects; very particularly to Traders, and to those who have had the Honour to be employed in Your Maritime affairs. None of Your Predecessors (SIR,) have ever been pleased to give us so much Countenance and Encouragement as Your Majesty has done; and therefore we hope, you will please to pardon us, if we put some value upon our selves for having received such Signal marks of Your Grace and Favour to us.


Your great Goodness gives us the presumption of making this Humble Address to Your Majesty; which we beg may be now Read.

The Address was by His Majesties Command accordingly Read, in the Terms following, viz.

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To the King's most Excellent MAJESTY. THE HUMBLE ADDRESS OF THE Master, Wardens, Assistants and Elder Brethren of the Corporation of the Trinity-House of Deptford-Strond,


THAT We Your Majestie's most Loyal and Dutiful Subjects, the Body Corporate of the Seamen and Mariners of this Your King∣dom of England, having taken into serious consideration Your Majestie's most Gracious Declaration, wherein You have been late∣ly pleased to give to all Your good Subjects an assurance of Your Royal Pur∣poses of calling frequent Parliaments, and employing Your utmost Endea∣vours (both in and out of Parliament) towards the Extirpation of Popery, Redressing and Prevention of Grievances, and Governing in all things ac∣cording to the Laws of this Your Kingdom; Do with all Humility return Our most humble Thanks to Your most Sacred Majesty, for this Your so Gracious Condescention to the just and ample satisfaction of all Your Loyal Subjects; acknowledging it likewise the especial Duty of this Corporation, to declare to the World Your Majestie's Royal and unwearied Care, both in the general promotion of all Matters conducing to the Prosperity and Improvement of the Navigation and Trade of this Your Kingdom; and in the particular instance lately given thereof by Your Majesty, in Your Royal Endeavours for the preservation of Your City and Port of TANGIER, in the midst of so many Difficulties, and at so great Expence.

AND We do most Humbly beseech Your Majesty to accept of the Assurances which we here in all Duty tender You, of the utmost Effects of Our constant and sincere Allegiance to Your Majesty, under Your most Gracious Government, both in Church and State, as it is now by Law Established: Adding in all Humility, That as it has already been the Honour of very many Your Faithful Subjects, Members of this Corporati∣on, to have hazarded their Lives in Your Majestie's Service on the Seas, so do we (according to Our Oaths) unanimously Tender to Your most Excellent Majesty (as to the best of PRINCES) the future Com∣mand of Our Lives and Fortunes, in the defence of Your most Sacred Majesty, Your Heirs and Successors; Zealously praying to Almighty God, to grant Your Majesty a Long and Prosperous Reign over Us, with a Last∣ing, Peaceable and Right Succession to Your Royal Throne, according to Law.

His Majesty was pleased to express His Gracious acceptance thereof to this effect.


I Thank you kindly and heartily for This Address, and shall not be wanting to perform My part. And as I have always been a Friend to the Navigation and Seamen of England, you may assure your selves I shall ever be so.

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