All mistaken, or, The mad couple a comedy : acted by His Majestyes servants, at the Theatre Royal
Howard, James, fl. 1672-1674.
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The Actors Names.

  • The Duke.
  • Ortellus, next of Kin to the Duke: of an Ambitious, and Treche∣rous Nature.
  • Arbtus, suppos'd Brother to Artabella.
  • Philidor, a Mad Kinsman of the Dukes, in Love with Mirida.
  • Zoranzo, The Dukes Prisoner of War: in love with Amarissa.
  • Pinguister, Two Rediculous Lovers of Mirida.
  • Lean-man, Two Rediculous Lovers of Mirida.
  • Doctor to Pinguister.
  • Taylor to Lean-man.
  • Iaylor.
  • Servant to Philador.
  • Boy.
  • Clown
  • Guard and Attendances.
  • Amphelia, in love with the Duke.
  • Artabella, the Dukes Sister; but taken for the Sister of Arbatus.
  • Mirida, Philador's mad Mistress.
  • Amarissa, in love with Zoranzo.
  • 6. Ladies.
  • 3. Nurses with Children.

Scene ITALY.