The academy of armory, or, A storehouse of armory and blazon containing the several variety of created beings, and how born in coats of arms, both foreign and domestick : with the instruments used in all trades and sciences, together with their their terms of art : also the etymologies, definitions, and historical observations on the same, explicated and explained according to our modern language : very usefel [sic] for all gentlemen, scholars, divines, and all such as desire any knowledge in arts and sciences
Holme, Randle, 1627-1699.


Treateth of Emperors and Kings; of their Robes and Ensigns of Regality, the Ceremonies of their Coronati∣ons, Offices for those Festivals; and Officers and Servants belonging to the King's Houshold, with their Fees.

A Description of several Ancient Emperors, Kings and Princes; with the 9 Worthies. The Ceremonies at the Creation of a Prince, Arch-duke, Duke, Marquess and Earl: Of the Domestick and State Officers belonging to the Earl of Chester. A iscount and Baron, and the manner of their Creations.

Several sorts of Barons, Knights: Orders and Sta∣tutes for Knights of the Garter, Officers belonging to the Garter. Creation and Habet of a Knight of the Bath. A Knight Banneret and Baronet. A Knight how made, and degrading o Knighthood: A Catalogue of the se∣veral Orders of Knigts Secular.

The Creation of a King and Herauld of Arms, The Office a Major, with the Offiers of a City, or Crporation, and their Habits. The Lord Chief 〈◊〉 his Habit. A Serjeant at Law his Habit, and Ceremony at his making. The Officers in the Com∣mon Law, and Courts of Chancery: The Chancelors. 〈◊〉 of Divinity, Civil Law, and Physick; their 〈◊〉, and Ceremonies at the receiving of their De∣〈◊〉 The Officers in the Universities, and Degrees 〈◊〉 Scholars, with their Habits: And of a Beads man, an Hospitaller, or Alms man.

Of the Esquire, and the several Degrees of Esquires. Of Gentlemen, and the several Degrees of them, and how made so. Of Yeomen, Freeholders, Pages, Servants, and Labourers: With the several sorts of them A Countrey Clown, or Bore described.

The several Countrey Occupations, as the Mower, with what terms is used about Hav making. Thrasher, with several Terms of Husbandry about Tillage, Sow∣ing, and Reaping; Thrashing, Winding of Corn.

Of the Huntsman, Courser, Forester, and Faulco∣ner, with their Terms of Art.

Also the several Occupations in Cities, as Cooks with their Terms in Cookery; and how to send up Dish∣meats in their Order, at Grand Feasts. Of the Baker, Tanner, Glower, Currier, with their Terms▪

And the Burcher, with his Terms for all the pieces of Meat cut in the Shambles; either from, or in Beef, or Veal, Mutton, Pork, and Brawn.

With the Smith, Farrier, Gun-smith, Lorrinor, Spurrier, Gold-smith, Jeweller, Lapidarie, Pinner, or Pinmaker, Needle-maker, Tyn-man, and Cutler with his several sorts of cutting Weapons. Also Powterers, Founders, or Brasiers, Plummers, Card-makers, and Saddlers, with the several parts of a Saddle, Bridle, Pil∣lion, and Side-saddle.

Page  [unnumbered]Of the Taylor, with the parts of the Doublet, Coat, Breeches, Cloak, Womens Gowns, Mantues, Wast∣coats, and Petticoats. The Upholsterers, with their terms for the several parts of a Bed, and Hanging about a Room. Of the Semster, Laundress, Needle-work Mistress, with the severall terms of Needle-work.

The Shoomaker, with the names of St. Hugh's Bones, and the terms of their Size. And of the Embroiderer, the Joyner, Carpenter, Tallow-chandler, and Wax∣chandler, Fisher, or Drawer, Angler, Water-leaders, Beer-Brewers, Malt-makers, Fietchers, Bowyers, and Stringers; with the terms used in their several Arts, and Occupations explained.

And the Hutler, or Huxter, Gardiner, Flax-dresser, with the Ordering of Flax, and Hemp: And Weaver, Cooper, Masons, Stone-cutters, and Stone-getters Pot∣ters, Rope-makers, Printers, Barbers, and Hat-makers, with the several sorts of Hats; and terms of Art used in their Misteries or Trades.

An Astronomer, and Astrologer, how they Reckon the Sabbath days throughout the year; to know the moveable Feasts in the year, and the time of the English Kings Reign, with a Calendar of all the Saints days, Jewish Months, with Evil and Good days for any Employ in the year. Of Geometry, and the names of severall parcels of Lands: Of Arithmetick, and how the Jews, and Hebrews, Romans, Greeks, and Arabi∣ans, used to express numbers; of casting up Sum•• by Counters, with several terms taught in the Art of Nu∣meration; with the Description of several Antint Phi∣losophers.

Of the Painter, Graver, Etcher, Gla••-painter, and Glasier; And Men famous for Invention, and impro∣vers of Arts. The Musitianer, with several sorts of Musick, both of Voice, Strings, and Wind; with their Musical terms.

The Crate-carrier, Porter, Tinker▪ Sowgelder, Bed∣lam, Chimney-sweeper: with what Instruments and terms they use. Of the Witchman, or Salster, the Sailer, with his Terms of Navigation. The Begger, Cripple, and Vagabonds, with their Canting Terms; the Morrice-dancers, with the several Terms used in modest Dances.