The academy of armory, or, A storehouse of armory and blazon containing the several variety of created beings, and how born in coats of arms, both foreign and domestick : with the instruments used in all trades and sciences, together with their their terms of art : also the etymologies, definitions, and historical observations on the same, explicated and explained according to our modern language : very usefel [sic] for all gentlemen, scholars, divines, and all such as desire any knowledge in arts and sciences
Holme, Randle, 1627-1699.

The High Priests manner of Consecration.

The Priest to be Consecraed is brought to the Door of the Tabernacle or Temple, where he is washed with the Water in the Laver set before the en∣trance.

Then is put upon him, by the Hands of the Prince or King, the Tunicle, then the Robe, then the Ephod, then the Breast Plate; closeing all together with the broidered Gard of the Ephod.

Then is the Miter set upon his Head, and then is the Holy Crown put upon the Miter, and gird with a Girdle: after that the Annointing Oyle shall be poured on his Head, and he therewith annointed n the Breast, Shoulders, and Arms. This Oyntment or Annoint∣ing Oyle of Consecration, was compounded of Myrrh, sweet Cinamon, sweet Calamus, Cassia, Galbanum, all mixed together with Oyle Olive according to the Art of the Apothecary.

Then shall the Priest take a Calf and two Ramms without blemish, and unleavened Bread, and Cakes un∣leavened tempered with Oyle, and Wafers unleavened annointed with Oyle, all made of fine Wheat Flower, and put them in a Basket and present them as a Sacrifice before the Lord: that is the Priest shall severaly lay his Hand upon their Heads then shall they be slain, to be Sa∣crificed according to the Law: Exod. 29.10. &c. The Calf for a Sin offering, one Ramm for a burnt offering of a sweet Savour: and the other Ramm for the offering of Consecration: and the Bread, and Cake, and Wafer, for a heave offering unto the Lord, with the Blood of this last Sacrifice shall the lapp of the High Priests right Ear, the Thumb of the right Hand, and the great Toe of the right Foot be touched, the rest of the blood cast about the Alter, and upon it: the Flesh of the Consecration is Seeth and Eaten with the heave Bread by the Priests; what remaineth is in the Morning burnt with Fire.

This for seven Days is performed, before the Conse∣cration be accomplished.

All the Priests must be without blemish, all must be presented before the Lord in the Temple, all must be washed, all must be consecrated by offering certain Sacri∣fices: all must have the blood of the Ramm put on the tip of the right Ear, the Thumb of the right Hand, and the great Toe of the right Foot: only the High Priest was admitted to enter into the Sactuary, and that but once a Year: and to Marry none but a Maid, the other Priests might Marry a Widdow. The High Priest was not to mourn fo the Death of his Kindred; the other Priests might.