The academy of armory, or, A storehouse of armory and blazon containing the several variety of created beings, and how born in coats of arms, both foreign and domestick : with the instruments used in all trades and sciences, together with their their terms of art : also the etymologies, definitions, and historical observations on the same, explicated and explained according to our modern language : very usefel [sic] for all gentlemen, scholars, divines, and all such as desire any knowledge in arts and sciences
Holme, Randle, 1627-1699.

Several Terms used in Sowing of Cloath.

Basting, is a slight running of the Needle, and thrid through two peeces of cloth to keep them together while they are sowed with some of these following stitches.

  • Back-stitch.
  • Fore-stitch.
  • Whip-stitch.
  • Privy-stitch.

Fine Drawing, is sowing two peeces of Cloth toge∣ther so curiously, that it shall not be seen where the sow∣ing is.

Ravelling, is roveing or the loosing out of thrids or Silk-thrids from the peece of Cloth or Silk.

Stuff, is the general term given to that, of which any Garment is made, whether of Hare Wool, or Silk.