The academy of armory, or, A storehouse of armory and blazon containing the several variety of created beings, and how born in coats of arms, both foreign and domestick : with the instruments used in all trades and sciences, together with their their terms of art : also the etymologies, definitions, and historical observations on the same, explicated and explained according to our modern language : very usefel [sic] for all gentlemen, scholars, divines, and all such as desire any knowledge in arts and sciences
Holme, Randle, 1627-1699.
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Several sorts of Hills.

Mountains, are vast great and high Hills.

Precipes, Hills with a steep dow descent.

Craggy hills, Hills hard and difficult to go up them.

Hills for Pasture, as Sheep and Goats, and yong Catle. Hills of an easie ascent, not laborious to go up.

Ridges, or tops of Hills.

Edges, the outsides of craggy steep Hills.

Mould hills, little Hills in Fields, cast up by Mouls.

Hillocks, very little hills, or rising above the plaine Earth.

Ualleys, plain ground at the foot or bottom of Hills, termed Vales and Dales.

Clifts, or craggy hills of Stone.

Caves, holes in Rocks and Hills.

Convales, or Valleys enclosed all about with hills.

Page  38Straits, or narrow passages between hills.

Combs or Quaries, deep places in hills which Stone hath been taken out.

XXXV. He beareth Argent, a Mountain in Base Vert, Inflamed on the top. This for shortness may be Blazoned the Mountain Aetny: which is said to be the mouth of Hell, being continually with fire & Smoak on the top of it. This is born by the name of Maclloyd of Scotland.

XXXVI. He beareth Argent, on a Mount issueing out of Base, Vert; a Lamb in Sacrifice proper. By the name of Holy Lamb.

A a Hill in Base with the fire upon it issueing into three flames proper. Is Born by the name of Flammen.

XXXVII. He beareth Argent, in a Rock, or Monn∣tain proper, a Cave Sable. Or else thus, issueing out of Base, a hill proper: with a Cave in it, Sable. Born by the name of Cave.

XXXVIII. He beareth Gules, a Lion Passant issue∣ing out of a Cave Argent, the Hill in Bae fixed to the sinister side, Vert. By Lousden alias Lions-den.

XXXIX. He beareth Argent, a Rock Gules, piled at the foundation and Enwraped with Osiers, Bri∣ers, or Thornes, Tenne. This we must suppose to be a kind of Sandy Hill, or Mountain; which would in time moulder & fall away, if it were not defended, & support∣ed, or fortified with stakes, and windings to keep it together See lib. 1 chap. 9 numb. 20. and lib. 2. chap: 18 numb. 62 63 64 65 66 This is Born by the name of Strongill

Per pae G and A in each the like Counterch: Born by the name of Heyprger:

XL. He beareth Argent, a Hill Vert. By the name of Hillok. If there be but one in the Coat, it is termed an Hill, if more, they are called Moul-hills: which are Hills or Hillocks of earth cast up by Moulwarps.

A Cheveron between 3 V. Is Born for Tildesley and Shakerley.

A 3 Moul hills V. Born by Tildesley of Tildesley.

A 3 such V. each charged with an Annulett. O By Tildesley of Wardley

In the Base of this quarter is placed a craggy Rock, which is diversly Born by famileys in foraign Provinces: some have it thus in the Base, others from the whole Base ascending up the Dexter or Sinister side of the Sheild, with some kind of wild beast climeing up the same▪ as for ex∣ample.

A such a Craggy Rock B with a Spur rowel of 7 points upon the top of it G the like is the Crest. And is Born by Van Sternfels.

A the like V with a Lion Rampant regardant B crowned is the Coat of the Town of Velburg in Germany.

G on the lower side of a Bend Sinister O such a crag∣gy Rock extending it self to the ends thereof V. Is Born by Sibenburger.

O a craggy Rock in Base ascending the Dexter side Bendwise B a wild Goat climant or ascendant G Born by Gambsen.

G the like A with a Ram A Born by Rammelstein.

G the like to the Sinister side O the Ram A. Born by Ramsperg.

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